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SOLO Parenting in the Cowichan Valley by A Single Mom

“Being raised by a single mother, I learned to appreciate and value independent women.”

Kenny Conley

I grew up in a beautiful seaside community not unlike Vancouver Island with its beautiful scenery and vast ocean all around. We are blessed with so much natural beauty to soak in.

When I imagined as a child, what it would be like to grow up and have my own children,

I always imagined myself doing the things my parents had done with me and my siblings; visiting family and friends, spending hours at the parkland, creating family traditions. And while I have found enjoyment doing those same activities with my own child, I find myself in a parenting situation I never imagined; parenting solo.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a single parent. Even though it is more common today to be a single parent than years ago, I find that information and resources are not readily available for the single parent community. Many groups and activities are geared towards families with 2 parents. Forging out on my own, I have found strength in being resourceful, while searching out activities and community for both of us. With a bit of research and determination, I have managed to find quite a few things that I could partake of on a limited budget and through some of these activities, our community has been formed.

I have been on this journey now for the past 6 years as the single mother of a young child. Though I never imagined doing this alone, I must say, every year seems to bring a stronger, more sustainable rhythm. Each year comes with new challenges, but also new memories and adventures, as well as hopes and plans for the future.

As someone whose family doesn’t live in the same province, my local community has become invaluable to me. There are many who encourage and support me in so many ways, and have become a part of our lives, making memories and creating family & friend traditions. I have found it so important to invest in loving and supportive friendships also to take time for myself daily, and reach out when I need help.

If you find yourself in this situation, raising little ones or big ones, by yourself, know that there are people in your community who understand your struggles and needs. Take time to build community for you and your children, find those who will love and support you through your single parenting journey and tap into community resources that are designed to support those with financial limitations.

Be encouraged that not only will you survive this season, but you can thrive in the midst of it!

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