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We are a team of caring, trained staff and volunteers, under the supervision of an Executive Director and are governed by an overseeing Board of Directors. We are one of more than 80 independent community-based agencies affiliated with Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC). We are  dedicated to operating in alignment with PCC’s Commitment of Care and Competence. 


We believe in the value of every woman, man and child.

  • We believe every woman is capable of making her own well-informed pregnancy decision, and we want to help empower her to do so.

  • We believe information, compassion, and practical support help alleviate many of the challenges encountered with an unexpected pregnancy.

  • We believe every person is worthy of respect and care – regardless of their lifestyle, faith background, or pregnancy decision.

  • We believe that many women and men hurting from an abortion loss need a safe place to grieve and heal, and at House of Grace, we will provide this.

  • We believe having a healthy mindset and an understanding of healthy relationships and intimacy is important.

  • We are a faith-based, Christian organization.

Partner With Us 

In order to fulfill our mission and vision, partners are needed.  This involves a two-handed approach; as you reach out with one hand in order to impact others and change lives, the other hand brings supporters along in this journey of significance.  There are many ways you can partner with us. You can make a difference in the lives of those who receive from our centre.


Our Values

Our goal is to create safety by upholding individuals in making decisions that are consistent with their values and by providing support for all pregnancy outcomes. 


We have created options by offering programs and services that address the cultural, social, spiritual and economic concerns which cause individuals to see abortion as their only option to unexpected pregnancy. 



Our Team

At House of Grace Pregnancy Centre we envision a community of Grace where no woman, man or family, faces the effects of an unexpected pregnancy alone; where God's grace is experienced, empowering individuals to process their fears & griefs in a safe place, with dignity & hope.

Business Meeting
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